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Some web or app designers only focus on the technical aspect; others are more on the creative side. We believe the best websites are both technical and creative achievements. Our websites and apps are truly unique, crafted with the most critical eye, focusing on ingenuity, artistry, and functionality while maintaining your prospects' or end users' interest.

Mobilize your website.

Google has found that over 90% of Americans are surfing the web on mobile devices daily! If your website is currently not responsive to various devices like tablets and smartphones, you may be losing business by not properly getting your message across. Do you know if your website is compatible? With the recent Google updates, if your website is not properly responsive, you decrease your chance of being found on the various search engines. Contact us to find out how to mobilize your website on all platforms with a Responsive Web Design (RWD) solution!

Sell your products and services online.

We can be right there with you on the day when you place the “Open” sign on your online store. In order to have a successful eCommerce website, the design, security and function of the website is critical. Further, we need to already know how to market your website online. How do you obtain customers? How do you retain customers? What about repeat customers? Contact us to create a customized solution for you — and the best part is you get to manage your products, categories, abandoned carts, sales, orders, reports, and more!



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Some web or app designers only focus on the technical aspect; others are more on the creative side. We believe the best websites are both technical and creative achievements. Our websites and apps are truly unique, crafted with the most critical eye, focusing on ingenuity, artistry, and functionality while maintaining your prospects' or end users' interest.

Don’t be in a hostage situation.

There are better web hosting solutions – and we have you covered. As you can see, although an SaaS model may have its advantages short-term, it clearly is not a long-term solution. And who wants to have their own website files locked in a cloud anyway? That’s ludicrous! Whether it’s with one of our clouds or a more traditional web hosting set up, you always have access to your website files and data. Just sign into your Phoenix AfterglowTM account!



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  • Unmetered bandwidth*
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  • Unlimited websites
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Like flying? Just like a pilot, a website requires a checklist in order to organically rank on Google and other search engines. If one item is missing, you’re grounded! Maybe you had bad experiences before, or you’re completely new. We’ll guide you through this process so that you can make an informed decision. Talk to one of our reps to find out how we can make your website ready for take-off!

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?

Although at times it may seem to be the same concept, there is a clear distinction between "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) and "Search Engine Marketing" (SEM). Both collectively constitute online marketing. SEO and SEM can help you with your online presence by increasing your visibility throughout the internet. SEM is essentially marketing with paid advertisements, like the various ads you see throughout the web, while SEO is an organic method in increasing your rankings in various search engines. Back in the mid to late 1990s, search engines would rely on "keywords" found within your website. Times have certainly changed and nowadays there is a lot more to achieving a successful SEO and SEM campaign. Not every online marketing strategy works for your specific business. Find out which online marketing strategy works for you.

How SEO can benefit your business...

Just as it is true with any successful business, at some point you need to establish credibility. At first, a prospect assesses whether or not they want to do business with you. Once that is achieved, you are most likely to transact in some form of business activity. The same is true with the internet. However, designing a beautiful website isn't the only requirement for being found online. We often forget that before credibility is established, you first need exposure — someone had to see an advertisement, a sign...something before they noticed you. At Phoenix AfterglowTM, we'll be sure to optimize your website and get it ranked ethically. Ultimately, it is about trust. We believe this is established through clear and constant communication. With that being said, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can guide you through this internet jungle.

Are Pay-Per-Click / SEM ads effective?

It depends. But we can assure you that an ineffective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign will leave you frustrated with little to no results. It takes a certain skill to properly acquire and execute various SEM ads. Who is your target audience? Rather going out "for the hunt," let's gather the people who are looking for you. To follow the hunting-gathering analogy, would you rather use a hunt or gather? It depends. Not every tactic or strategy works on every scenario. Contact us to set up a strategy that works in order to successfully run a PPC campaign for you.

YouTube and Video Marketing

Did you know that YouTube sees 35 hours of new videos uploaded every minute?! Not impressed? Well did you know that over 6 billion hours of YouTube is watched each month? Yup. And according to Nielsen, more adults ages 18 to 34 watch YouTube more than any other cable network. Now that I’ve got your attention, maybe you should consider tapping into the millions of users subscribing to various YouTube channels daily. Become a household name and spread your message online with Phoenix AfterglowTM.

Social + Media = Social Media.

Sometimes simple math demystifies things. (Or maybe not). Is every social media platform right for my business or organization? Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., each has its advantages and disadvantages. What social media platform does your target audience or ideal client use the most? How can you engage that target audience? Posting in quantity will never outweigh quality. With Phoenix Afterglow, we'll be sure to assess your situation in order to produce high-quality content for your various social networks that gets you traction with the desired likes, follows, and clicks that converts to online sales.

Email marketing isn't SPAM.

Or at least it's not meant to be. True or false – email marketing is not effective? If you are spamming the internet, expect very low numbers. But, if you go with Phoenix AfterglowTM, we’d be sure to seek the people who want to stay in touch with your company. Sometimes it takes a while for a prospect to decide whether or not they want to do business with you. Creating informative, useful content through a robust email marketing campaign with tracking would be sure to do just that.

SMS Marketing 🤑 💪 👏

Nowadays people have their smartphone glued to their hand. SMS Marketing involves targeted text messaging so that you can sell a product or service. Sure, they can reply, "STOP," but we can give them a reason to still say "GO." 💯

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

You may already have a website and feel ready to take on the internet head on. However, you must be sure that you have a strong foundation first. Without a solid, optimized website that is both creatively and technically sound, one that also inspires and targets the right market, you are not quite clear for takeoff. Further, if you have a weak brand, you’re not going to be visually compelling or memorable.





I Worked with Johnny to Develop our website and online marketing and he has gone above and beyond my expectations website and service is great, would recommend to anyone.


Joe Marciano

5-Star Google Review

Phoenix Afterglow helped with getting our ranch up and running with business virtualization, eCommerce, and cybersecurity (website protection) and has been instrumental with our growth in online revenue and exposure. Highly recommended!


Überchic Ranch

5-Star Google Review

Johnny knows how to make your website stand out over the competition. His knowledge and attention to detail are solid and he will make sure that you are noticed.


Paul Falewicz II

5-Star Google Review

After weeks of trying to build my website with one of those "quick and easy" website builders, I found it to be neither. I went to Phoenix Afterglow and within 2 weeks I had a totally updated, robust fully e-commerce site. Best of all, the price was fantastic. Very pleased with my results.


John Ness

5-Star Google Review

He is extremely professional and knows what he is doing! I would recommend this company for all of your website needs!


McKenzie Watts

5-Star Google Review

After experiencing some slowness and freezing with my computer, Phoenix Afterglow helped fix the issue and now it's good as new and runs great!


Cielo Villa

5-Star Google Review

I've redone my company's website a few times now and each time it would take forever to complete the new web design and Johnny and his staff at Phoenix were able to get it all done in a month. It probably would've gotten done sooner if I wasn't dragging along. Plus they are attentive and keep my site secure and that's huge being a business owner.


Dan Vargas

5-Star Google Review

Working with Phoenix Afterglow has been a pleasure. Johnny's goal is to create greater visibility for all businesses. He establishes a plan for your business to suit your needs. His attention to the details of design incorporating the nuances of your businesses, are only part of what make Phoenix Afterglow stand out.


Sanford Tyson Smith

5-Star Google Review

The staff at Phoenix Afterglow were prompt with my results and have helped grow my business significantly. I highly recommend.


Ali Manafi

5-Star Google Review