Phoenix Afterglow is a multimedia company specializing in web development, online marketing, and graphic design. We will uphold highest performance, integrity, and ethics in order to retain client satisfaction and achieve an afterglow of fulfillment for all.

Our Mission

We will progressively and ethically serve and perform our duties with passion and integrity through well-balanced execution of creation and technology. Enkindled with this fervor, we will defend the freedom of free enterprise.

The Legend of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mystical and revered bird embodying immortality through resurrection. The country of origin is unknown since various cultures claim to be the source, including India and Indonesia. The ancient Egyptians depicted their crane with the symbol of a sun on its crown. Ancient Greeks and Romans soon discovered the story through the Egyptians. Other ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Japanese, Mayans and Aztecs all have similar firebirds. There is Jewish and Christian symbology of this mythological creature as well, made popular by salvation and life after life.

Our Story

At the beginning of the recent economic meltdown, Phoenix Afterglow was formed in 2008 under Simply Marvelous, Inc. As if out of the ashes, we have risen and have been blessed with diverse clientele. Our philosophy consists of having a genuine, vested interest in our clients' needs and success. This enkindles the fires of our passion. We care deeply about all aspects of our craft.

The Team

We have searched far and wide to come across some very talented individuals that really are pushing both technology and creativity to the point of no limits. We truly work hard with our heart, mind, and soul aligned. For that reason, you will not find a more passionate, enthusiastic crew anywhere else!